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Day 3

Chitwan seems like an okay tribe, but we could be way more unified. I'm in an alliance with Richie and a few others, but I don't trust him at all. I want him out before the merge, but I don't know how that's going to happen. For now, I'm just going to play it out and make more allies within my tribe.

I don't want to backstab anyone, but this is a strategic game and I might just have to.

–Ash, after the challenge

So we lost the challenge today, and I'm not surprised. I was talking to Wesley before the challenge and we were both pretty worried that the 10-second advantage that Chitwan had would be too much to beat. But to lose in the WAY we did? That's what really annoys me. We had everyone - except the Invisible Man, Jason - do really well in the puzzle, but more than half of us were disqualified because of clerical errors. So with only Alex's, Wesley's and my score counting, we lost. We do well in challenges as a tribe, but it's the non-participants - the people who offer NOTHING to this tribe that are holding us back.

–Des, after the challenge

Up until today, I had only really gotten the opportunity to talk to Wesley. He's a smart guy, really eager to play this game, and I'm very willing to work with him for the time being. But two a majority does not make. So I managed to flag Charley and Dallas down separately to talk strategy before Tribal - and both confirmed my suspicions. There were two names being tossed around: Alex and Jason. Now, every inch of me wants to vote for Jason - he hasn't said a word to me, he hasn't even bothered to offer anything in the challenges. He's the real phantom menace.

The problem is... Charley and Wesley were both quite keen to take out Alex for being a problem later on. He's a relative of a former contestant, he could flip on us at a swap or a merge, blah, blah, blah. But you know what? He's also participating in the challenges, which has to be the most important thing right now. It's gonna be Jason or Alex tonight. And if we lost the next challenge, it's the other. But if we lose again after that? Then it gets nasty. We have to keep the tribe strong - and I never thought I'd be one to trumpet those words.

Thankfully, Dallas agreed with me. He pulled Charley over into a conversation with me, and we talked it through. We'll always have another chance to get rid of Alex, but Jason is a detriment to Khaptad RIGHT NOW. I managed to argue my case and the heavens opened up, and hallelujah, we ended up on the same page. Jason's the one to go. We spread the word to Wesley and Eli, and with a solid five, that gives us control of the game. The Khaptad Five. CAP-I-TAD! CAP-I-TAD!

–Des, before tribal council