"You Came After My Country"
Season Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Episode Number 9/15
Episode Chronology
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You Came After My Country is the ninth episode of Survivor: Papua New Guinea.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Overextended
Castaways start by making a thread called "Immunity Challenge 6 - <name>'s pole". Next they are to paste their tiki. Once posted, their challenge starts here. After posting their tiki, they have to post the next segment, which is their pole. They'll add a section of the pole every fifteen minutes. They will do so by editing your thread. The player with the most poles added will win immunity. In case everyone's tikis "fall off", the player who posted the most poles would win immunity. They need to post the next pole exactly fifteen minutes after posting your previous segment. If the 15-minute mark has lapsed and they haven't posted the next segment, their "tiki" falls off, eliminating themselves from the challenge.
Reward: To exile one person to Exile Island.
Winner: Andrei


Day 22

After the first Tribal Council for Peyengi, Jemarc was angered now that he no longer had Uli's trust after voting for him. However, Matt told Jemarc that it was only to see if he was reliable, and he proved that he was.

Abraham was also upset at the previous result, due to Andrei not telling him beforehand. Due to this, he told the Tea Party members about Andrei lying.

Meanwhile, Uli was furious now knowing that he had less power than he thought. With this, he began trying to figure out who turned on him and decided that he'd use the idol to rid of them.

Abraham told Uli about Andrei's betrayal, and that Jemarc flipped with him. Uli was frightened upon hearing this, and considered using the idol to take out Andrei.

Day 23

An Immunity challenge took place. Amos, Kim, Matt and Uli did not participate.

In the challenge, Blake and Mick were out immediately. Billy followed, then Jemarc. Then Abby. It was between Andrei and Luke. After a long match, Andrei won Immunity once again.

In order to gain his trust, Andrei sent Luke to Exile Island.

Day 24

Andrei wanted to keep the three former Daru members until the end. In order to do this, he decided to vote out a Tea Party member. Then a Mendi member. And alternate between the two alliances.

Andrei and the Mendi members wanted to get rid of Matt, whom they deemed as a threat. Andrei told Abby and Jemarc his plan, and they decided to go with it.

Before Tribal Council, Abraham told Luke about Andrei's plan. He told Luke that Andrei would gain too much power if this were to work out, so the two formed a small alliance to get Andrei out once he didn't have Immunity.

Not knowing who to vote, Luke decided to vote Uli just because of his once anti-American alliance, even though the alliance was no longer.

At Tribal Council, the Tea Party members, besides Andrei and Jemarc, voted for Uli. However, with Andrei and Jemarc flipping, Matt was voted out in a 6-5 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Matt (6 votes)
AbbyAmos avatarVanity
PhoenixJemarc avatarAngrist
Abraham, Amos, Andrei, Billy, Jemarc, & Uli
Uli (5 votes)
Blake bougerollePngLuke(me)
Blake, Kim, Luke, Matt, & Mick
Matt BW

Voting Confessionals

MATT... Again...

Sorry Matt... Have no other idea what to do... If everything goes as expected I will be gone... If we really have the votes suddenly... You will be out... Nothing personal... Pure Hate... :D


My vote is for Uli, aka Angrist86.

Uli, you're a threat and we all know it. You may not be as good in challenges as you used to be, but you came after my country. I will not let that one slide without giving you a vote. I'm offended by your racism.


Now this time, you go home....if not then...prolly my ear infection is acting up.


I'm voting for Matt,,,,,

Soaring High,



You can't call yourself king anymore. The Tea Party thwarts your final four plans. Uli, you have too big of an ego. So, Auf Wiedersehen!


I know you guys over at mendi thought the tea party alliance would crumble after George the mastermind behind it would be voted out. I also know that you guys also think they Blake is the new mastermind. Well he is not it is me and Uli you are a good player but I am just a better player. You should not have trusted me the first time we were going into tribal council at peyengi and you should not have trusted me during this vote. I am going to finish what George started and the nerds will have there revenge through me. Pipe Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry man, but people are seeing you as a threat


Well, I havent talked to you much yet. And I dont know you that much. This vote is to make the daru 3 strong. Adios, kiddo.


You're the only thing close to a leader in the Tea Party, and I'm hoping this will cause a lot of drama. Good game sir!


I've been waiting to do this for a long time


Final Words

I may not have won the game, but I'm feeling so lucky to have been able to play it. I am a bit mad that 2 people from my alliance turned on me, but I guess I can understand why they would do it. I can't wait to cast my jury vote in a week


Still in the Running

Abau Daru Kieta Mendi Wewak
Amos avatar
Mark BW
Blake bougerolle
Matt BW
Brendan PNG BW
Jemarc avatar
Syzmon PNG BW
Taylor BW
Sean BW


  • With Matt's elimination, Mick is the last remaining original Abau member.
  • The episode title was said by Luke during his voting confessional for Uli.


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