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"You have no idea how spicy LP is in bed." - Szymon

Season Rankings

  1. Peru
  2. Côte, Ok I know y'all think this season is overrated as fuck but let me say you this: It was extremely fun to play. Like the line was so clear between the Careers and the Nerd Herd it was legit Big Brother 6 where we would piss off each other and it was just plainly a very enjoyable season.
  3. Indonesia, Ok so I know many people don't really like it but here goes a message for y'all: It's a freaking masterpiece. The characters in it where so great from naive and caring Sarah to dominant yet paranoid Jamie. The quits and sock incident where bad but like the moves made by the players and how dedicated towards winning everybody else was made me forget them.
  4. Nepal
  5. Sardinia
  6. Anarchy
  7. Egypt
  8. PNG
  9. Revival
  10. Polynesia
  11. Korea
  12. Hawaii
  13. Turkey
  14. All-Stars, This season was boring at the start and then mean spirited at the end. Like seriously the cast was brilliant but a host was biased and ruined the outcome of the season and turned it into a high school like boo you whore.
  15. Switzerland
  16. Cuba, I admire Alfons for controlling the season so much, I am disappointed at the other 19 for being stupid... Yah...
  17. Laos, a trial season, can't rank it high because of that.
  18. Madagascar, No big shocker, from this season onwards the negativity ruled over. Like seriously half the favorites where just casted there due to the host being biased. Like that's it...
  19. Heroes vs. Villains, Let me state this: I despise this season with my entire soul. Having played with it and being how great players such as Alejandro, Uli, Luke, Natalie and Andrei got completely wasted. From the bad twists, Eddie controlling the Villains and practically isolating me from everything was basically the most depressing shit ever. Like I think this is the only ORG I've spent more time in negative emotions rather than positive. Let me say it again: This season just stained the reputation of 21 great players (I personally don't count Nokomis a player, sorry) due to how badly it was structured.

My Favorite Castaways

Season Favourite Contestants
Laos Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark colspan="2" Template:Tribebox4dark
Hawaii colspan="2" Template:Tribebox4dark Sole DB
Cuba colspan="2" Template:Tribebox4dark Taylor Template:Tribebox4dark
Egypt Marish Template:Tribebox4dark Cowboy Bailey
Switzerland Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark Wojtek Mark
Nepal Charley Wesley Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark Charlie
Revival Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark
Korea Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark Eddie Template:Tribebox4dark
Papua New Guinea LP Template:Tribebox4dark Szymon Template:Tribebox4dark Uli
Côte d’Ivoire Emma Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark Template:Tribebox4dark
Polynesia Jay Maya Stephane Ted Kacey
All-Stars Henry Gerda Ben Andrei Mike
Anarchy Ahad Drew Jerby Kaffe
Madagascar Emma Nuno Sam
Peru Jessy Natalie Alf Aly Anybody but Nick
Turkey Marco Miguel Thang Tyler Kara <3
Sardinia They Are All Pretty Rude
Heroes vs. Villains Miguel Andrei Jerby Sole Adam
Indonesia Jamie Sarah Topaz Laure + most of the others