• Alright, it's time to reveal who's joining Gerda, Alfons, Skandi, Bailey, Alejandro, Adam, Alf, Jerby, Mitchell, myself, Kevin, Sam, Domonique, Heather, Evan, Jamie & Emma in the Hall of Fame!

    I'm going to reveal everyone who got nominated, starting with those with one nomination and ending up with those nominated!

    With one nomination each....

    GraceeloTARBryceS38RobEmileS39TikalLinusFinaleEddieHostBaliS39ZakriahMergeS39WhitneyMergeS37LeaderMattTikalJohnNoBuffS38MiguelS37MergeJaredLukehbvvRicky WinnerJasonMergeLucypicRobS35BrittcyprusposTrentS39Mike fanfan (2)KaedenRetribution37MiguelSwap200px-Nathan s21Charlie

    Grace, Bryce, Rob G., Emile, Linus, Eddie, Zakriah, Whitney, Matt, John, Miguel C., Jared, Luke, Ricky, Jason aka Cosmo, Lucy, Rob S., Brittany, Trent, Mike, Kaeden, Miguel L., Nathan & Charlie!

    With two nominations each....


    Jessy D., Charley, Ash & Danielle!

    We're now down to the five people inducted into the Hall of Fame!

    Our first nominee is....


    Nick Kiper!

    Nick is the only person to play an idol the very first tribal council, and ironically is also the only person to be idol'd out both times they played. They are the epitome of a new school player's game, be fearless and don't be afraid to make big moves.

    –Sora (TLazyS)

    Speaking of lightning rods, Nick is a lightning rod of getting VOTES, receiving 30 over the 2 seasons he has played. He was a huge personality each time, and he's one of the org's poster childs of making big moves, MAYBE NOT A WINNING FORMULA, but an entertaining one nonetheless.

    –Evan (NWTSEvan)

    Our second nominee is....


    Chris Blue!

    He went into archetypes with a bad rep from java and was still able to make it far in the game #iconic

    –Danielle (Danipero32)

    He is another person that I think is amazing, his game was pretty solid.

    –Miguel C. (TheSoleSurvivorCY)


    –Alexa (tswifties)

    Our third nominee is....


    Brett Ross!

    Brett Ross is an asshole, but he's an evil genius asshole. Brett can talk to you like he's known you forever and draw you in because he's so likable. He's got the best social game I have ever seen from anyone on the ORG, and plays his game fearlessly and ruthlessly which should be evident from his Archetype win. He is by far one of the best players I have ever had the pleasure to play with, and is also by far one of the shittiest but greatest friends to have too.

    –Sora (TLazyS)

    fuckin robbed in svalbard, came back for archetypes and slay the masses

    –Danielle (Danipero32)

    Anyone that's won an all star season should easily be considered a hall of famer, especially if they endured the hellhole named SVALBARD, so I think Brett's fantastic runs in both of his seasons has earned him this spot.

    –Evan (NWTSEvan)

    Our fourth nominee is....


    Alexa Marrero!

    Alexa is just a lil firecracker honestly, but she's so god damn entertaining and so good at playing that in just one year of her being in this community I'm able to nominate her and actually believe she deserves one of these spots in the hall of fame.

    –Chris (Blueu22)

    this girl took the org by storm! such a fan fav in her first season, and backed it up by playing amazingly, and then such an all-star in archetypes, for sure deserving.

    –Eddie (Eddie786™)

    I nominated her because her social game was amazing! The fact that she was able to make it as far ah she did being clearly the underdog was awesome

    –Miguel (TheSoleSurvivorCY)

    Our fifth & final nominee is....


    Sora Haynes!

    Sora has done so much for this community as a whole, he's a phenomenal host and a great admin and on top of that he's a v skilled player and finally deserves to sit in the hall of fame!!!!

    –Chris (Blueu22)

    Sora is arguably one of the best social and strategic players on the ORG. At first glance he just seems really nice and approachable but that's all apart of how he sucks you in and forms alliances with you. Behind the scenes he's double-dealing, plotting the demise of everyone while knowing where everyone is at and what they're thinking. In my opinion he deserved to win Greece and definitly deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame!

    –Jamie (Jamievdw101)

    Sora has played 3 times and has pretty much gone full circle, being a finalist, juror, and even having the luxury of DRAWING A BLACK ROCK. I believe this, along with his work as an admin has earned him a spot in the hall of fame.

    –Evan (NWTSEvan)

    Congratulations to Nick, Chris, Brett, Alexa & Sora for making the Hall Of Fame this year!
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