"The Temerity Takes My Breath Away"
Season Survivor: Cyprus
Episode Number 11/16
Episode Chronology
Previous Game Full of Strategists and Characters
Next Bluntly and Honestly

The Temerity Takes My Breath Away is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Cyprus.


Reward Challenge: Oussou competed in the "Sporicle" Quiz challenge. Each contestant had to type out all Survivor winners from Borneo to Kaôh Rōng as fast as possible. The contestant who did so would receive a clue to the hidden immunity idol or an advantage.
Winner: Alex

Immunity Challenge: Oussou competed in the "Winterbells" flash game where they had bounce on the bells. The contestant who got the most points would receive immunity
Winner: Alex


Day 24

Day 25

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11: Oussuo

Tribal Council 11:
Toby (6 vote)
Brittany, Estefana, Eva, Mai, Rob and Shannon
Brittany (4 votes)
Alex, Ally, Jimmy and Toby

Voting Confessionals

You are someone who I would've probably worked with, had we met earlier in the game, but under the circumstances, there really was no possibility for me to do so. You are probably gonna hate me for blindsiding you, but I think this is necessary for me to make it further


While i admit i used to hate your guts too tobs you were kind of growing on me for the past few days so <_< this is pretty awks. Maybe you werent lying about wanting to work with me but i dunno i cannot trust you rn and I hope that i wont be leaving tonight with an idol in my pocket. Rob i'll kill u if you lie to me okay?!


Try to play with your ears and not just your mouth.


Praying Brittany fucking leaves, I need these threats to go one by one


rule #1 to be a boss ass bitch:

Never let a clown nigga try to play you


Final Words

Wow I underestimated how interested some members of this cast were in throwing away their best chances with two hands. It would have been great to stay around for a little longer, but I doubt I would have enjoyed it much longer anyway. It is, to some extent, astounding how people would be so willing to give up the best goat in the game because they honestly think other people were more honest than I was. Oh well, good luck to most of them and I'll see them at FTC xoxo


Still In The Running


  • The episode was named by Toby.


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