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The Survivor ORG Hall of Fame is a special recognition given to ORG players with exemplary deeds such as strategic brilliance, immense popularity or infamy and/or their contributions to the Survivor ORG Wiki community. Every year a select few group of players are inducted into the ORG's Hall of Fame. They earn their spot through the legacy that they have built within the context of the ORG. Generally the people inducted play some of the best games on the ORG, are entertaining to watch, and have helped us become what it is today.

Note: Inductees are enumerated based on their order of announcement.


In 2013, ORG player Ckarimalis, an admin in the wiki, initiated a yearly poll on which Survivor contestants (from Survivor: Laos to the most recent season) deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame. How voters define "worthy" is in their discretion, whether it is personality, strategy, challenge performance or any other reason. Kalabang took over the Hall of Fame in 2014.

Ballots were filed on the Survivor ORG wiki page on Facebook. In the first batch of inductees, five contestants are inducted. However, inductees were limited to three for future incarnations.

2013 Inductees
Picture Name Recognized Accolades
GerdaAllStars.jpg Waterwecna
Alfons.png Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd
Large 1040442.png Skandium
Bailey Egypt.png Baileyvogt
Alejandro AS.png Alejandro Reyes
  • Originally played in Survivor: Korea
  • Returned for Survivor: All-Stars
  • Regarded as one of the most controversial Villains in Survivor ORG Wiki and known as the "Villain with a Smile"


2014 Inductees
Picture Name Recognized Accolades
Adamhbvv.png Adambongo
Alf Joar Peru.png Weegie92
JerbyHvV.png Oddity013


Starting in 2015, the poll was made biannual (with inductions being held in March and October). Wiki Admins' nominations now count twice, while those already in the Hall of Fame could nominate five people. Mitchell, Tyler, and Kevin were inducted.

In the biggest change, instead of a Facebook poll, voters would now privately disclose who they would like to nominate with one to two sentences rationalizing their choices.

In the March 2016 ballot, two contestants tied in nominations for the first time. A runoff ballot was introduced where, for twenty-four hours, members of the community would vote in a poll to decide who would earn the nomination. Sam, Dom, and Heather were inducted.

March 2015 Inductees
Picture Name Recognized Accolades
Mitchell s21.png Kalabang
Kevin.png KevDog660
S28Merge Sam.png Sami171
CV Heather.png heatherjac
  • Winner of Survivor: Cape Verde
  • ORGscar Winner for Best Winner, Greatest New Player,
    Best New Social Player, and Best
    New Physical Player in June 2015.
  • Regarded as having played arguably one of the best,
    most well-rounded games in the history of the ORG


2016 Inductees
Picture Name Recognized Accolades
EvanRetM2.jpg NWTSEvan
  • Winner of Survivor: Retribution
  • Originally played in Survivor: Cape Verde
  • Regarded as having made the most impressive turnaround in
    ORG history, going from a Day 3 boot to winning unanimously in
    the largest jury vote ever, with seven Individual Immunity wins
    and three Hidden Immunity Idol plays under his belt
CV Emma.png XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX


In the April 2017 ballot, ForeverTyC took over as the host of the HOF and the poll became annual once again, with this time the five people with the most votes were inducted.

2017 Inductees
Picture Name Recognized Accolades
S37RebelAlexa.png Tswifties
S37UnderdogBrett.png Brett.Ross
S37LeaderChris.png Blueu22


2018 Inductees
Picture Name Recognized Accolades
S47Ally.png XAllyx
KingdomsJessicaPlain.png Jessicawizard
KingdomsJakeyPlain.png Jakeyrider
KingdomsJaredPlain.png IAmVegas


On January 21st, 2019, XAllyx and Jakeisfake took over as the host of the HOF and the procedure followed the same format as last year. It was also announced that Tyler, Dom, Nick, Sora and Jamie would all be removed from the Hall Of Fame.

2018 Inductees
Picture Name Recognized Accolades
HOFMaya.png Sonarimo
HOFYousef.png Yousefdash
HOFNicole.png Nicol Stone
HOFCali.png Wildcats11630
HOFBenj.png 3BenjNZr
  • Winner of Survivor: Tasmania
  • Fan Favorite of Survivor: Tasmania
  • Winner of “Best New Winner,” “Best New Physical Game,” & “Best New Hero” in the 2019 ORGscars
  • Known for his underdog run, near perfect game, and general likability in his season
HOFJake.png Jakeisfake


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