Contestant Profile
Occupation Student

Survivor: Revival

Tribe(s) Regreso
Placement 18/22
Alliances Regreso Alliance
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 0
Day(s) Lasted 6

Contestant Profile
Occupation Student

Survivor: Hawaii

Tribe(s) Manu
Placement 11/21
Alliances Manu Alliance
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 23

Statistics of Sunsummer7
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 29
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 5
Individual wins 1
Total 6
Tribal Council
Total votes received 8
Sunsummer7 aka Summer is a contestant from Survivor: Hawaii and Survivor: Revival.

Known as the leader of the Manu Alliance on Hawaii until his post-merge elimination orchestrated by Team Catastrophe. He later returned in Revival where he became the first contestant to ever be eliminated by a purple rock tiebreaker.


Survivor: Hawaii

Summer started out on the yellow Manu tribe, and wasted no time in making a cross-tribal alliance. He created one with a Popoki tribe member (and the only player of the season to be a returning player), Alik99. Summer figured that if he took Alex to the end, he'd win in a jury vote because Alex is a returning player. They agreed to make an alliance on their respective tribes, and combine them at the merge. The moment Summer saw tribemates Yaniv and Kaaitlyn online, he recruited them to an alliance. After seeing that DB approached him for an alliance, he brought him in his. Summer found out that DB went to everyone for alliances, so he brought in Sole as DB's replacement. Later on when Summer really wanted DB out, he brought in Brian for extra numbers, forming the Manu Alliance. Meanwhile Alex created his alliance, Team Catastrophe

Although Manu had won the first two immunity challenges, Summer decided that when his tribe lost, his majority alliance would split the vote 3 for DB and 2 for Brody in case DB had an idol. Manu did lose the third immunity challenge, and the Manu Alliance was able to blindside DB. Although this move eliminated a possible threat, it came back to haunt Manu when the tribe lost all of the last immunity challenges (except for one) eliminating Brody, Brian, and Kaaitlyn. Summer then had a core alliance of himself, Sole, and Yaniv. This resulted in Summer trusting his tribe more than Alex, and by that point had a goal to eliminate every Popoki - including Alex. Honu was also down to three (Gerard, Tommy, and Cassie), but only Gerard wanted to got with Manu. Meanwhile, Chris and Cassie got ejected from the game because of sockpuppetry. DB and Kaaitlyn came back to replace them, both who were people that Summer voted out. Summer needed not to worry though, as he won Immunity for the first merged tribal council. Sadly, his ally Yaniv was voted out by Alex's alliance when he found out about Summer's plan to betray him.

Left with only Sole and Gerard to really trust, he later found allies in Popoki outsider Zachary, and also made peace with DB, creating a five, needing Tommy (the only other Honu member) to make it 6-5. However, Tommy went to Popoki. So despite Summer's attempts to get Alex out, he was voted out. As a member of the jury, Summer voted for Alex to win, saying later he played the best strategic game.  

Voting History

Summer's Voting History
Episode Summer's
Voted Against
1 Manu Tribe Immune
2 Manu Tribe Immune
3 DB -
4 Manu Tribe Immune
5 Summer Summer
6 Kaitlyn -
7 Kaitlyn Kaitlyn
8 No Tribal Council
Zion Individual Immunity
9 Alex Alex, Gerda, Kaitlyn,
Samuel, Tommy, Zion
Voted Off, Day 23
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Revival

Summer played his second season Revival with a much more aggressive gameplay, believing that if he could control the game, he could win it. Before the teams were divided, Summer tried to make a 12-man alliance in order to take control of both tribes. First, he recruited Gerard, Orange, and Maxwell since they were all from the Total Drama Wikis. This ended up being Summer's core of the alliance, as he trusted them the most. Believing Duy and Jastine to be loyal people, he got them in, along with Luke (because he was also from Cuba and the three of them had history - negative history at that). Adam joined as Summer made a fake core with him, Adam, and Luke to make them feel comfortable in the alliance (the same was with another "core;" Summer, Gerard, Duy, and Jastine). Gerard mentioned to Summer that Joshie could vote with them, and Summer considered him in. Two other people from Egypt were included; Bailey and Lloyd, and finally brought in Woj as the final person. It all dropped on it's head when Summer saw right through Duy's statement of Luke just being happy to play with Duy and Jastine again while realizing their closeness. Summer concluded that the threesome, as well as Adam in his fake core, had to be eliminated and replaced them with Will, Brendan, CK, and Raphael, who he had talked to the most outside of his original alliance.

Once Qayyum and Austin were eliminated from the Schoolyard Pick, most of the people in Summer's alliance that went to Vuelta made stronger bonds with each other. Summer, Gerard, Orange, Will, and Brendan went to Regreso, and once they lost the first immunity challenge, the alliance targeted Luke. Summer believed they had a sixth vote in Aidan. Summer did not actually have the majority, and the alliance of Luke, Duy, Jastine, Aidan, and CK were all ready to vote out Summer. However, Gerard convinced the alliance that voted Summer out would just be cruel (due to a lie he told, unbeknownst to Gerard), and the target shifted to Orange. It looked to be five-five, but Brendan jumped ship to the other alliance believing that Summer had an idol this early, and one of Summer's closest allies (Orange) went home. 

Now Summer only had Gerard and Will, while there was a 6-man alliance. Luckily, Raphael sent Summer a group conversation between Luke, Duy, Jastine, and Raphael himself (excluding CK, Aidan, and Brendan). Since Aidan was mentioned to stay in the conversation, plus he proved he wouldn't vote with Summer already, Summer sent it to outsiders CK and Brendan, hoping they would flip and it would be 5-4. While CK thought of it as a harmless group photo, Brendan flipped back to Summer, and it was then 5-4. At the reward challenge, it was announced that there would be a Loaning twist and the winning tribe would "loan" a member of the losing tribe to go to join them for a short while. Summer wanted to loan Maxwell, as he was part of his "TD4" and part of his 12-man alliance. Summer's foursome came up with a plan: win the reward, kidnap Maxwell, throw the immunity challenge, tie the vote against Duy using Maxwell. CK said he would vote with them in the revote to avoid rocks, which would blindside Duy. Due to Aidan voting to gain Maxwell too, Maxwell was successfully loaned after Regreso won the reward challenge. However, there was no need to throw the immunity challenge as both teams would go to Tribal Council. Summer filled Maxwell in on the plan to oust Duy. The tribal council was in fact tied 5-5, 5 for Duy, 5 for Brendan. Expecting CK to vote for Duy in the revote, Summer thought he had the vote in the bag. It would be 4-4 when Maxwell left, a new game would happen. He was wrong when CK stuck with his vote, prompting a rock pulling tie breaker. With Brendan and Duy immune from this, as well as Gerard being immune from this Tribal altogether, that left 4 people from Duy's alliance eligible for elimination, and 3 from Brendan's. The odds were slightly against Duy's alliance, but ultimately, it was Summer who met his untimely demise by being the first player ever in Survivor ORG Wiki history to be eliminated by the Purple Rock.

Voting History

Summer's Voting History
Episode Summer's
Voted Against
1 Luke -
2 Duy;
Eliminated, Day 6

Post Survivor

Summer later appeared on the Survivor ORG After Show, talking about episode two of Survivor: All-Stars, his time on the show and how he would return for a third time (as long as it wasn't Blood vs. Water themed), his thoughts on Kevin, and why he thinks that the big threats were being targeted early. 

Summer has since left Wikia in general and is moving on to bigger and better things in his luscious life. He is hoping to leave an impact on this wubbulous world. 


  • Sunsummer is the second player with Autism, following Mad Russell.
  • Sunsummer (along with Totaldramabrody) were the only members of Manu to not compete on Survivor: Cuba. However, Sunsummer later returned for Survivor: Revival.
  • Summer is the first contestant to be eliminated by a purple rock tiebreaker.
  • Summer is the lowest placing member of Ohana to win individual immunity.
  • Summer originally applied for Laos, but was one spot too late, prompting him to wait for Hawaii where he was able to compete.
  • Summer (along with Sunslicer2) are the second/third contestants to originate from the Total Drama wikis.
  • Summer was considered for Heroes vs. Villains as a Villain, but was thought of being too much of both (lying, but yet still an underdog) that an offer was not made, hence not making the cast.