"Sole Survivor (Laos)"
Season Survivor: Laos
Episode Number 8/8
Episode Chronology
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Sole Survivor is the season finale of Survivor: Laos.


No challenges were held during this episode.


Day 22

After 22 days, only three remain in the game. The jury members (Clove, Ometepe, Alex, Alfons, Blaine) come in. The finalists are asked to start by making opening statements on why the jury should vote for them to win the game.

Henry states that in the game you have to play the strategic game, social game, and physical game well, and he believes he did all of that. He says that he was strategic by eliminating people who would have beaten him at the final tribal council. He says he was physical by winning challenges on a 14-day winning streak. Finally he says he was social because he feels he has more "wiki friends" than before he played. 

Chris states that he is a deserving winner because he was loyal to Henry, lasted 14 days without attending Tribal Council (just like Henry), and won both of the individual immunity challenges. 

Hickman states that if some jurors thought he never really played the game hard, he says that he is still the final Hisshe member left. He survived against all odds (losing the first two immunity challenges and surviving not having any former Hisshe members with him at the merge). Finally, he led many alliances that helped him survive without many challenge wins. 

Day 23

The next step of the final tribal council is for the jury members to ask questions or comments to the finalists for them to respond to. 

Alex is first and asks Henry why he would rather vote him off than Chris in the Final 6, stating that he wanted to go to the final four with him. Henry replies that he would rather be with Chris because it would take him farther and it did. Alex then asks Chris why he deserves his vote more than Henry or Hickman. Chris states that he helped his new tribe win more challenges when it was down to two and reminded everyone that he won both individual immunity challenges. 

Ometepe is second and asks each finalist what their biggest mistake was in the game. Henry says that while many people think his biggest mistake was keeping Chris over Alex, he thinks it was making alliances too early in the game. Chris states that he doesn't think he had a mistake, but it might be that he didn't get to know Hickman well. Hickman says his biggest mistake was voting Ometepe out.

Blaine is next and asks Henry why he should vote for him over the other two. Henry replies that he deserves to win more than Chris because he went along with whatever he said, and he shouldn't vote for Hickman because he betrayed too many people. Blaine then asks Chris why he decided to eliminate him and what his real intentions were at the merge. Chris says he wanted to keep Shua strong, but saw that Blaine and Alfons were plotting against him, so he switched sides and got him out. Blaine finally asks Hickman if he "made things happen, watched things happen, or wondered what happened." Hickman states that it was a combination of them. 

Alfons asks why he shouldn't vote for the other two finalists. Henry states because the other two didn't organize him going, Chris states because Henry made him do the dirty work and Hickman didn't play hard enough, and Hickman states that Chris and Henry didn't work as hard to get to the end than himself, as he went to Tribal more often. 

Clove is unable to ask a question and the wiki determines his vote (it was for Chris).

Day 24

Overall, Henry was seen as riding coattails of other people and only got one vote. Another factor was that some people thought that him choosing Chris over Alex was a fatal move. Henry placed third. The jury was torn between Hickman's strategies or Chris's dominance in challenges, and it resulted in a tie. The was two votes for Hickman (Ometepe and Alex), two votes for Chris (Alfons and Clove), and one vote for Henry (Blaine). Henry was deemed the deciding vote and he voted for Hickman. As a result, the winner of Survivor: Laos was Hickman. 

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Jury Vote
First Vote
(only Henry
eligible to vote)
Voted For
Voted For
S01 Hickman t
Hickman (2 votes)
Alik99 (4)Myself!
Alex & Ometepe
S01 Hickman t
Hickman (1 vote)
Chris (2 votes)
Alfons LaosCloveismywife
Alfons & Clove
Chris (0 votes)
Henry (1 vote)
S01 Henzzy bw
501 Ckarimalis bw
S01 Hickman t

Voting Confessionals

Clove did not produce a jury speech or voting confessional.

Henzzy, you played the most social and most strategic game out there, so you get my vote.


This might sound crazy, but I kind of was too hard on you and I know that. But you played a great game. Now win this game.


Final Results

S01 Adam bw
Alex LaosBW
Orange BW
S01 Hickman t
S01 Ometepe bw
Alfons LaosBW
S01 Blaine bw
501 Ckarimalis bw
Cloveismywife bw
S01 Henzzy bw


  • This would mark the first time a tie would happen at the Final Tribal Council in Survivor Wikia history.
  • This is the first (and so far only) episode where a challenge does not take place.
  • This is the first and currently only season finale where no one is voted out.


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