"She Isn’t Suppose to be Here"
Season Survivor: Cyprus
Episode Number 14/16
Episode Chronology
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She Isn’t Suppose to be Here is the fourteenth episode of Survivor: Cyprus.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Oussou competed in the flash game "Hatchings" where they run and collected eggs. The contestant who got the most points would receive immunity and a clue to the hidden immunity idol or an advantage.
Winner: Mai


Day 30

Day 31

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 14: Oussuo

Tribal Council 14:
Alex (5 votes)
S34BrittanyMergeS34EstefanaMergeS34MaiMergeS34RobMerge S34ShannonMerge
Brittany, Estefana, Mai, Rob and Shannon.
Rob (1 vote)
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  • Rob played his Mask of Restriction on Alex canceling his vote for Rob.

Voting Confessionals

I want to be the last guy standing.


I'm sorry it had come down to this. I really want you to say, but in a season is big egos and lying cunts, there's no way to open people's eyes, even if you give them glasses. What we had was special and I believed in our deal, but you were becoming toxic for my little numbers. After this game, we better go to the mall!


Risks have to be taken, point blank.


was gonna give alex the chance to talk to me but.


Alex, you've played a killer game this season and thats why you need to go. Too good of a player to keep in a final six, hopefully this will be the last time I have to write your name down!


Final Words

Personally this merge experience turned out quite pitiful, some of these people are stubborn and seriously just annoying to play with.

I hated these entire "Alex is gonna win, so let's use him as a toy" antics, considering I've been honest to the people I said I was gonna be honest to, just to get shit in return.

I do believe Jimmy self-voting played a big part in me leaving tonight, but whatever, that's the way the cards fell, I'm really not happy because on the actual show self-votes don't happen but ya..

There's a bunch of people who at this point I really don't want to vote, Stef for going against a promise (and I am super bitter against that kind astuff), Rob for being just terrible at lying and preaching that he is this oh-so-honest person, but no seriously, he was TERRIBLE and you can read him easier than a children's book. He can just go back to Panera where people don't care that you are fake #thecustomeralwayswins, Shannon seemed like Stef's goat for a while, so like.... touché

Mai was personally the worst player of the entire game and doesn't even DESERVE to be there, considering she followed my directions until she turned on me and then turned into an absolutely clueless and expendable worm to people, good for her.

I hope Ally or Brittany make it, because they are the most deserving, point blank. 🙂


Still In The Running


  • The episode was named by Alex regrading Mai being saved by a self-vote the tribal before.


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