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The Player of The Season is an award giving by the hosts of the season to the player who they believed played the best overall game.

List of Players of The season

Season Winner Runner-up
Survivor: Greece MJ Greece.png MJ Sora Greece.png Sora
Survivor: Cape Verde CV Heather.png Heather CV Emma.png Emma
Survivor: Rome Dom.png Domonique Large 1341769.png Grace
Survivor: Java Loxias Java.png Loxias Not Announced
Survivor: Alsace-Lorraine Not Announced
Survivor: Generations S28 Jessy.png Jessy S28 Sam.png Sam
S28 Molly.png Molly
Survivor: Azerbaijan S29Clifford.png Clifford S29Jared.png Jared
Survivor: Svalbard Svalbard Brett.jpg Brett Not Announced
Survivor: Retribution BryceRetribution.png Bryce TaylorRetribution.png Taylor
Survivor: New Zealand S32Brittany.jpg Brittany S32MattB.jpg Matt B
Survivor: Sichuan SichuanAlexa.jpg Alexa SichuanJessy.jpg Jessy
Survivor: Cyprus S34Brittany.png Brittany S34Rob.png Rob
Survivor: Sri Lanka ConorS35.png Conor Not Announced
Survivor: Tikal TikalClaire.png Claire TikalChristine.png Christine
Survivor: Archetypes S37RebelJamie.png Jamie S37RebelAlexa.png Alexa
S37LeaderChris.png Chris
Survivor: The Ganges S38Ryan.png Ryan Not Announced
Survivor: Morocco S39Brett.png Brett S39Annabelle.png Annabelle
Survivor: Argentina S40Sydney.png Sydney S40Mackie.png Mackie
S40Marie.png Marie
Survivor: Bali S41David.png David S41Alexandra.png Alexandra
Survivor: Last Stand LastStandJake.png Jake LastStandPriscilla.png Priscilla
Survivor: Mauritius AudreyS43.png Audrey LexiS43.png Lexi
Survivor: Costa Rica S44Joanna.png Joanna S44Jon.png Jon
Survivor: Molise S45Declan.png Declan S45Nat.png Nat
Survivor: Kariba KaribaRoisin.png Roisin KaribaJake.png Jake
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains II S47Declan.png Declan S47Sora.png Sora
Survivor: Sinai WillS48.png Will JackS48.png Jack
Survivor: Newfoundland MattS49.png Matt Not Announced
VilmaS49.png Vilma
Survivor: Kingdoms Collide KingdomsJamiePlain.png Jamie KingdomsSydneyPlain.png Sydney
Survivor: The Caribbean S51Yousef.jpg Yousef S51Natalia.jpg Natalia
Survivor: Tasmania S52Ashlee.png Ashlee S52Abi.png Abi
Survivor: Galápagos S53Lynn.png Lynn Not Announced
Survivor: Caño Cristales CCJayme.png Jayme CCAndre.png Andre
Survivor: Nakuru S55Evan.png Evan S55Nicole.png Nicole
Survivor: Mongolia CarloS56M.png Carlo LoganS56M.png Logan C.
Survivor: Laguna Colorada S57TC.png TC S57Timi.png Timi
Survivor: Lake Baikal SamanthaS58.png Samantha DreS58.png Dre
Survivor: Tahiti S59Fariha.png Fariha S59Quintin.png Quintin
Survivor: Clash of the Champions S60Benj.png Benj S60Adam.png Adam
S60Ricky.png Ricky
Survivor: Sacred Valley LOGANORIGINALSEASON.jpg Logan Not Announced
Survivor: Sea of Stars MarkS62.png Mark MagnusS62.png Magnus
Survivor: Saints vs. Sinners JuiceS63.png Juice HobbesS63.png Hobbes
Survivor: Warrior's Revenge PoteetS64.png Poteet KamS64.png Kam
Survivor: Mallorca FrogMS65.png Frog EmmaMS65.png Emma
Survivor: Antelope Canyon S66Conch.jpg Conch S66BT.png BT


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