Manu Alliance
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Season Hawaii
Founder Summer
Members Remained Loyal:

Sole (Day 1-38)
Summer (Day 1-23)
Yaniv (Day 1-21)
Brian (Day 7-16)
DB (Day 1-8; 23-26)
Kaitlyn (Day 1-18)
Zachary (Day 21-29)
Gerard (Day 19-26)

Day Formed Day 1
Enemies Team Catastrophe
Lowest Placing Member Brian (16/21)
Highest Placing Member Sole (4/21)

The Manu Alliance is an alliance in Survivor: Hawaii.


Summer Forms the Alliance

Knowing how powerful an alliance is, Summer wasted no time forming one, even before the first immunity challenge. He had made a cross-tribal alliance with Popoki member Alex, but didn't intend to stick to it and only used it for outside info. He made his real alliance in his own tribe, the Manu Alliance. Yaniv and "Kaaitlyn" (the latter of whom was really Samuel, a member of Popoki, which was unknown by everyone at the time) who were the first two Manu members he found online. Then after seeing DB approach him for an alliance, he brought him into his. 

Sole had talked to Summer about DB not being loyal by making an alliance with everyone, and Summer looked at DB's posts. Sure enough, he did try to be aligned with everyone, so Summer let Sole in the alliance instead of DB, and he had his four - himself, Yaniv, Kaaitlyn, and Sole. 

DB's elimination

After Manu won the first immunity challenge, Summer decided that DB could not be trusted, and planned for his alliance to get DB out. Later on, Brian and Brody became active, and Summer accepted Brian into the Manu Alliance, making five. Summer instructed his alliance to split the vote, 3 for DB and 2 for Brody in case DB had the idol. That means if DB plays it, Brody (another outsider) goes. If he doesn't, then he goes. If DB played it and he and Brody voted together, the the alliance would still have the numbers 4-1 in the revote. Manu ended up losing their first immunity challenge. DB and Brody voted against Brian together, but it was too late as DB was voted out of the Manu tribe.

Manu Takes a Fall

The elimination of an active player resulted in the Manu tribe losing all of the other immunity challenges except one. In the first one, Brody was the last alliance outsider, so he was voted out. Then the five Manu members had to turn on each other. It was between Brian and Kaaitlyn, both untrustworthy. In a 3-2 vote, Brian was voted out. Then Kaaitlyn had a big target on her back when she cheated in a challenge, causing the core Manu Alliance to form and vote her out. That core alliance was Summer, Sole, and Yaniv. However, Manu and Honu (which was Gerard, Tommy, and "Cassie" at that point) agreed to stick together at the merge, with only Gerard being genuine with Manu, as Tommy and Cassie would go to Popoki. However, Summer was able to use the information he got from Alex to flip a Popoki outsider to Manu - Zachary.  

Merge and Pagonging

The merge started out with a bang for every alliance when it was revealed that Chris (from Popoki) and Cassie were the same person! This was good for Manu because it meant Popoki only had four members in an alliance, while Manu had three, while questions were about what alliance Gerard, Tommy, and Zachary would go with. This also meant bad news for Manu, as the mods held a Redemption Battle for pre-merge boots. DB and "Kaaitlyn" returned, who were both on bad terms with Manu upon their exit and they sided with Popoki. Tommy ultimately wanted to join Popoki too, which left Manu outnumbered 7-5. There was still hope, as Yaniv had Manu's Hidden Immunity Idol. Team Catastrophe was originally going to target Summer, but he won immunity, which led them to target Sole instead. Tommy cast a throwaway vote for Zachary, due to his "betrayal" against Popoki. Manu felt the same with Zachary, where he cast a throwaway vote for Alex. Ultimately Summer, Sole, Yaniv and Gerard all voted for Zion, who they thought was the least likely to have an idol. Team Catastrophe was originally going to unanimously target Sole until Zion hatched a plan to have himself and Alex vote for Yaniv in the event that an idol was played on Sole. Zion played his idol which negated Manu's votes, and Yaniv used his idol on Sole, which spared him - at Yaniv's expense, which eliminated him in a crazy tribal with a vote of 2-1-1-0-0 and put Manu in big trouble.  

After this, Zachary and Gerard became members along with Summer and Sole for their loyalty. Thinking they had Tommy and he didn't know who to vote for, they thought they needed one more, and Sole approached DB in order to get him on his side. DB is finally persuaded to side with Manu and it would look like a comeback, but Tommy is actually with Team Catastrophe along with Kaaitlyn because she is a sockpuppet of Samuel, making the majority the other alliance needs. There is still hope, since there is a twist in the immunity challenge. The person with the lowest score (zero didn't count) would get a reward, which was an idol clue. DB gets the clue and is able to find the idol. Sole also wins immunity, leaving Summer vulnerable. The new idol is not played yet, and Summer is voted out in a 6-4-1 vote.

Sole vs. Everybody