"I Am Ready to Kick Some Old People's Butts"
Season Survivor: Hawaii
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Sole Survivor
(previous season)
Next The Drama is Over!

I Am Ready to Kick Some Old People's Butts is the first episode of Survivor: Hawaii.


Reward Challenge: Dupligon
Each tribe member must play a game called "Dupligon". The game requires them to take a look at a given figure, and you must duplicate it as best as they can. After finishing all 4 levels, they will get a final score (from a 1-100 scale). After the allotted time period, the pictures will be averaged. The two tribes that have the highest average would win this challenge and get an advantage in the immunity challenge.
Winner: Popoki, Manu

Immunity Challenge: Sketcher
The contestants will compete in a game called "The Sketcher". It runs similarly to the reward challenge: each member of the tribes needs to sketch the shapes he is given in the game as accurately as he can. the reward challenge score will be multiplied by the immunity challenge score - and the tribes with the highest final score will win immunity.
Winner: Manu, Popoki


Day 1

Our intense second season begins in the islands of Hawaii. There are 20 new castaways, with 1 returning player from the previous season: Alex. The Popoki tribe which wears red consists of Alex, Gerda, Zion, Samuel, Toppei, Zachary, and Xros. The Manu tribe which wears yellow consists of Summer, Sole, Yaniv, Kaaitlyn, DB, Brian, and Brody. The Honu tribe which wears blue consists of Gerard, Tommy, Cassie, Noah, Daniel, Drama, and Kyle.

Summer approaches returning player Alex with a plan: make alliances on their respective tribes and combine them at the Merge. They both agree, and Alex gets a Honu in as well: Cassie, who also agrees.

At Popoki, Alex also created an alliance of consisting of himself, Samuel, Zion and Gerda. Unbeknownst to Alex, Zion and Gerda made a sub-alliance. The members of Popoki talked to each other, and were ready to be cohesive in challenges. Zion finds an idol, and his alliance thinks one of the outsiders (Zachary, Xros, Toppei) have it. 

At Manu, Summer recruits Yaniv and Kaaitlyn into an alliance.  After seeing that DB has offered him an alliance, Summer recruits him as well. However, DB was caught making alliances with everyone, which makes Summer suspect him of disloyalty. In order to find out more about the game, DB smoothly asks the host who has the idol for Manu. He asks if Sole has the idol, but gets no response. Then DB asks if Kaaitlyn has it, the host smiles and now DB knows she has the idol. 

At the Reward Challenge that features an advantage at the first Immunity Challenge, Manu and Popoki win it, but Popoki gets the bigger advantage. 

Later on, Sole quickly realizes that an alliance of four (Summer, Yaniv, Kaaitlyn, and DB) has already been formed. He then looks for Brian and Brody in order to talk strategy, but they are nowhere to be found. He sees DB online and he reveals to Sole that Kaaitlyn has an idol. Then DB says that he has an alliance with Summer, Kaaitlyn, and Yaniv. Sole is surprised DB could give so much away to an outsider, but his is offered an alliance by DB between the two of them, Kaaitlyn for her idol, and Brody because no one has talked to him yet. Sole agrees on that and they leave each other.

Sole then sees Summer and talks to him. Immediately Sole is offered a fifth spot in Summer's alliance, and Sole accepts. In return, he states how DB told him about his alliance and how he knows Kaaitlyn has the idol. Summer is disappointed in DB for revealing Kaaitlyn's idol. The two then talked about the vote pecking order, with Brian going first then Brody due to the two being inactive, with DB going next when the alliance turns of each other, as Summer thinks that Yaniv seems like a loyal ally and is good ins challenges, while Kaaitlyn is viewed as in it to win it, especially with her idol. 

Day 2

At the Immunity challenge, Zachary and Xros are inactive for Popoki, Brian and Brody are inactive for Manu, and Drama and Kyle are inactive for Honu. Despite the large advantage held by Popoki, Manu puts up a good fight for Popoki and wins immunity. Popoki is a close second for immunity. Honu, being the last place, has to vote the first person out of Survivor: Hawaii

Meanwhile, since the host gave away that Kaaitlyn had the idol, it is rehidden. Yaniv finds the rehidden idol, and keeps it a secret from everybody. 

Day 3

Popoki celebrates being immune, while Manu is busy talking strategy. Summer, Sole, Yaniv and Kaaitlyn agree to blindside DB at their first Tribal Council together, and will just let Brian and Brody self vote because they are inactive. They will vote 3 for DB, and 1 for Brody (plus Brody's possible self-vote, making 2 votes). That way by splitting the vote, they can flush out DB's idol if he has one, and if not, he goes. If DB plays an idol, Brody will go. 

Kyle of the Honu tribe asks to be voted off, stating that her heart was just not in the game. However, another option is Drama, who did not help in any challenges as of yet. However, some of the tribe is cautious about Kyle's intentions, fearing she may blindside someone with a possible idol. However Kyle's wish was granted when Drama got 2 votes (he self voted) and she got 5 votes (she self voted). 

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Kyle gober S2
Kyle (5 votes)
CasablancaDryuuuOie 18547169cDTLASjKyle gober S2Large 796241
Cassie, Daniel, Gerard, Kyle, Noah
Large 797490
Drama (2 votes)
Large 797490Tommyboy97
Drama, Tommy
KyleGober S2 out

Voting Confessionals

Kyle, you did nothing at the challenges.


I am voting for Drama Over because he has done absolutely nothing


Sorry Kyle. You're one of inactives so you need to go, adios!


She said on her talk page that she wanted to quit. I hope she doesn't have the idol.


Final Words

Still in the Running

Large 797490
Oie 18547169cDTLASj
KyleGober S2 out
Large 796241
Large 791048
Totaldramabrody S2
Dbwawesomepossum (1)
350 33081393009 4474 n
Xrosheart S2



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