"He is a Parasite"
Season Survivor: Cuba
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
Previous The Sole Slayer
(previous season)
Next The Black Spot

He is a Parasite is the first episode of Survivor: Cuba.


Immunity Challenge: In the Buff
Both tribes must create believable looking buffs for both Havana and Cardenas. Once submitted, the buffs will be critiqued by three mystery judges who will assign the buffs points based on visual appeal/overall design, managing to capture the Cuban theme, creativity, and having a convincing write-up. Tribe with the most points wins immunity.
Additional Stipulation: Whichever tribe's buffs get the highest score in the visual appeal category will be the official buffs of the season.
Winner: Havana (but Cardenas won the visual appeal category, this making their submission the official buffs of the season)


Day 1

The third season of the ORG series will take place in Cuba. Ten new castaways will face ten previous castaways from the first two seasons. The ten new castaways on the Havana tribe are Luke, Liam, Jessica, Kesh, Duy, Random, Jeret, Taylor, Zac, and Max. The ten previous castaways on the Cardenas tribe consist of Alfons, Blaine, Adam, Sole, Yaniv, Brian, DB, Kaaitlyn, Zachary, and Noah.

After reaching their beaches, the idol for each tribe has already been found. Alfons has found the Veterans' idol, and Jeret has found the Newbies' idol. 

Day 2

At Cardenas, Adam and DB are rumored to have been talking with members of the other tribe. Alfons plans on playing aggressively as well, by making an alliance with Sole, Adam, and Yaniv. However, Alfons really intends on getting Sole out, as he is the "big fish in the small pond," based on his performance last season. His real alliance is with Zachary, Noah, Brian, and Adam, thinking they will follow him and make the game easier. Alfons knows that he'll need to get Sole out for it to work, but the question is how. He tells his other alliance with Sole, Yaniv, and Adam that Kaaitlyn will go at the first tribal, and then Zachary. DB is added to that alliance. 

At Havana, Luke forms a six person alliance with Random, Jeret, Liam, Duy, and Max. Then Luke goes to the outsiders and reveals his alliance in an attempt to have outsiders trust him more. On top of that, Luke spreads a rumor that Zac has the idol for Havana. Then Luke spreads another rumor that Max is going to flip to the other tribe at the merge, and Max finds out. He is starting to doubt Luke's trustworthiness. There is a new alliance to vote Luke out for his lying, which is Duy, Jeret, Max, Kesh, and Taylor. Duy is trying to get Jessica, Random, and Zac in on the deal, but Liam is intending on staying loyal to Luke. 

Back at Cardenas, the "alliance" of Sole, Yaniv, Adam, Alfons, and DB recruit Blaine. There is also talk of getting Noah and Brian, making eight. This is because Alfons wants to split the vote 4-4 in case Zachary or Kaaitlyn has the idol. In reality, this is so Alfons can get the vote split to get Sole out with his own alliance. Plus, Alfons has the idol.  

Day 3

On Day 3, the two tribes finally get an immunity challenge, and it is to create buffs for each tribe. The tribe that makes the best ones win immunity. Havana wins the first challenge, but secretly is somewhat sad because they can't vote Luke out. 

At Cardenas, Alfons' fake alliance intends on splitting the vote 4 for Zachary and 4 for Kaaitlyn, but Alfons officially forms his real alliance with Zachary, Noah, Brian, and Adam to vote for Sole. That way it would be 5-3-2, so by splitting the vote, Sole would be an easy out. But at the same time, Alfons is worried he might have to sacrifice his idol to do so. 

At Tribal Council, there are 3 votes for Kaaitlyn (Sole, Yaniv, DB) and 2 votes for Zachary (Blaine and Kaaitlyn). Adam casts a vote for Blaine, thinking he is a threat. The damage is not done, however, when Alfons' real alliance with Zachary, Brian, and Noah vote for Sole. As a result, Sole is the first person voted out of Survivor: Cuba in a 4-3-2-1 vote. 

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Sole (4 votes)
AlfonsLarge 1088643Noah Cuba3112252
Alfons, Brian, Noah & Zachary
Kaitlyn (3 votes)
Dbwawesomepossum (1)SoleSurvivorCubaYaniv
DB, Sole & Yaniv
Zachary (2 votes)
Blaine & Kaitlyn
Blaine (1 vote)
Large 796247

Voting Confessionals

I vote out David34.


Hopefully you don't try to kick my butt after this.


Blaine, because he was untrustworthy last season.


I know this is going to disappoint many people, especially people like Kesh and Cesar, but I'm voting for Sole. Sole, I have a lot of respect for you man, I'm sorry you will have to deal with the embarrassment of being the first person voted out; but someone has to be first boot, and too much has come up that has made you a threat against me and my alliance. If you are going to be in an alliance with me, you need to trust me, and I know for fact both you, Yaniv and possibly DB as well, don't trust me. My alliance consists of Adam, Noah, Brian, Zachary and Zac on the other tribe. I will not be playing my idol, I plan to use it in the merge or if there is a switch of tribes. But after this vote, I am in complete control of the game. It's better to play with me than against me.


- I don't want what happened last game to happen again. I trusted her once. Possibly the worst decision of my game... Never. Again... ever.


Final Words

I knew I wouldn't make the merge! Well played people! At least we know this season won't be as boring as the last one!


Still in the Running

Jessica, Survivor Cuba
Large 796251
Taylor-survivor cuba
Large 796253
Large 796247
Large 1088643
Dbwawesomepossum (1)
Noah Cuba


  • This episode marks the second time where the contestants had to make buffs as part of the challenge. The first time was in Final Confession from Survivor: Laos.
  • The episodes titles is a quote said by Taylor while describing Luke.


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