Tribe Profile
Season Laos
Namesake Crow for "red"
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Shúa
Tribe Status Merged with Bimmaáhchiia on Day 16
Challenge Wins 2
Lowest Placing Member OrangeBirdMaster2 (10/10)
Highest Placing Member TheHickman (Winner)

Flag unavailable.

150px-Hisshe Insigina

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Hísshe was a tribe from Survivor: Laos.

Their tribe color was red.



Alik99Large 796247Myself!
Orange (1)Large 545950


Alfons Laos150px-5098907Large 545950

Post-Tribe Absorption

Alfons Laos150px-5098907Myself!Large 545950

Tribe History

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  • Hickman was the only contestant that stayed on Hísshe until the merge.
  • Hísshe was the only tribe in Survivor: Laos to be existent during the whole pre-merge phase of the game, as Bimmaáhchiia was formed on Day 7 and Shúa was dissolved on Day 10.
  • Hísshe is the first red tribe in Survivor ORG History.
  • Every original member of Hisshe returned for a later season.
  • Hísshe holds the record for having the least amount of original members make the merge with the only one being Hickman.
    • Ironically, he went on to win the game.
  • A red Eagle is Hísshe's insignia.
  • Hísshe is the first tribe to produce a winner.
    • Also the first tribe to vote someone out.