Dbwawesomepossum (1)
Contestant Profile

Survivor: Cuba

Tribe(s) Cardenas
Placement 15/20
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 9

DB in jerusalem
Contestant Profile

Survivor: Hawaii

Tribe(s) Manu
Placement 9/21
Alliances Manu Alliance
Team Catastrophe
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 9
Day(s) Lasted 15

Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 24
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 4
Individual wins 1
Total 5
Tribal Council
Total votes received 17
Well as im trying to figure this out i still dont understand it. Firstly Brian and Brody have been inactive for 2 weeks when i constantly contributed Secondly Sole Summer and Kaaitlyn I had talked to all of you and was convinced that I was friends with the three of you oh well its a game and now I get to ruin it for you the same way you did to me.

–DB's controversial "Dear Manu" blog post

DBWAWESOMEPOSSUM, more commonly known as DB, DBW or David, is a contestant from Survivor: Hawaii and Survivor: Cuba

Best known for his controversial blog post and acerbic personality. DB, despite only lasting 15 days on his first season and 9 on his second has become one of the most famous/infamous players to ever play.

Survivor: Hawaii


Name (Age): David (15)
Tribe Designation: Manu,Ohana
Hometown: Houston, Texas, USA
Hobbies: Word games,ORGs
Pet Peeves: People without self-respect.
Occupation: Student
Personal Claim of Fame: Having my Bar Mitzvah with my younger brother Daniel (CraziiDaniel)
3 words that describe you: Charismatic, Intelligent, Manipulative
Inspiration in life: Anyone who has overcome adversity and has come out better than before.
Survivor contestant you resemble the most: Jonathan Penner we are both sarcastic funny Jews
What kind of a contestant do you think you will be?: I will be a player to watch out for.
Favorite Survivor: Wikia season and contestant: I admire everyone my favorite season is Hawaii.
Why do you want to be on Survivor: Wikia?: To win
Why do you think you will be the Sole Survivor?: As a student of the game I believe I have an interesting outlook in the game that will serve me well.
What are the 3 things you would take with yourself to a deserted island and why?: A book, Pictures from home, A camera

Voting History

DB's Voting History
Episode DB's
Voted Against
1 Manu Tribe Immune
2 Manu Tribe Immune
3 Brian Brian, Kaitlyn,
Sole, Summer
Voted Off, Day 8
Returned, Day 20
8 Sole Individual Immunity
9 Alex -
10 Sole;
Sole Alex, Gerda, Kaitlyn,
Samuel, Tommy
Voted Off, Day 26
Voted for
Sole Survivor
  • Note: DB is one of the winners of the Redemption Battle, returning him to the game and also receiving Individual Immunity during the 1st Ohana Tribal Council.

Survivor: Cuba

Voting History

DB's Voting History
Episode DB's
Voted Against
1 Kaitlyn -
2 Kaitlyn Kaitlyn
3 Cardenas Tribe Immune
4 Alfons Adam, Alfons, Blaine, Brian,
Noah, Yaniv, Zachary
Voted Off, Day 9

Post Survivor

DB has since gained a considerable fan following despite his brash nature and more than occasional sarcasm.


  • DB is the writer of the controversial blog post "Dear Manu""Dear Manu 2.0", and Dear Manu 3.0 although the second version was merely a joke as well as the third being a reflection.
  • DB was eliminated during Double Eliminations in both seasons he participated in.
  • DB is the first and so far only person to vote for and give an idol to a person.
  • DB is the first person to be voted out twice in the same season.
  • DB spent only 15 days in his first season.
  • Interestingly, none whom DB voted for in any Tribal Council in Survivor: Hawaii got voted off in that Tribal Council.
    • Ironically, the only vote he did vote with the majority was at the Final Tribal Council, when he voted for Gerda over Alex and Zion.
    • The only time he voted with the majority (other then the above mentioned vote at the FTC) in both of his seasons was the second tribal council in Cuba where he voted for Kaitlyn.
  • DB ties for the record for most times voted out without being part of an All Stars season.
  • DB despite not using it on himself holds the record for most votes negated with an idol.
  • In his first season DB placed 9th and lasted 15 days whereas in his second he placed 15th and lasted 9 days.
  • DB's username DBWAWESOMEPOSSUM is his initials, the adjective "awesome", and the animal possum all in capital letters.