S28 Blaine
Contestant Profile
Birth DateJuly 27, 1995 (1995-07-27) (age 23)
Hometown Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Student

Survivor: Generations

Tribe(s) Bariq
Placement 19/24
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 8

Contestant Profile
Birth DateJuly 27, 1995 (1995-07-27) (age 23)
Hometown Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Student

Survivor: Cuba

Tribe(s) Cardenas
► Havana
Placement 8/20
Alliances The Shepherd's Herd
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 30

Contestant Profile
Birth DateJuly 27, 1995 (1995-07-27) (age 23)
Hometown Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Student

Survivor: Laos

Tribe(s) Shúa
► Hísshe
Placement 4/10
Alliances Shúa Alliance
Bimmaáhchiia Alliance
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 21

Statistics of Blaine7275
Seasons competed 3
Total number of days 59
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 11
Individual wins 1
Total 12
Tribal Council
Total votes received 12

Blaine7275 aka Blaine or Cesar is a contestant from Survivor: Laos, Survivor: Cuba and Survivor: Generations.

He is known for possessing the first Hidden Immunity Idol, as well as his alliance/rivalry with Alfons.

Survivor: Laos

Name (Age): Blaine (17)
Tribe Designation: Shúa
Current Residence: Nevada, United States of America
Personal Claim to Fame: Meeting Jaymes & James from The Amazing Race!
Inspiration in Life: My parents.
Hobbies: Booty poppin'
Pet Peeves: Anyone who promotes Puffin Web Browser
3 Words to Describe You: Gleek, Funny, Smexy
If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?:
1) A picture of Darren Criss
2) Lotion
3) Tissues
SURVIVOR Contestant You are Most Like: A mix between Aras Baskauskas, Frank Garrison, and Cirie Fields.
Reason For Being on SURVIVOR: I thought it'd be fun.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: Everyone else sucks, no offense ♥

Blaine was one of ten contestants that competed in the first season of Survivor Wikia. He was immediately put on Shúa which consisted of himself, Clove, Chris, Henry, and Alfons. While on Shúa, Blaine made a quick alliance with Chris, but was later approached by Alfons to join his. However, neither alliance was put in action as Shúa was able to win the first two immunity challenges.

On Day 8, a tribe switch occurred which moved Blaine and Alfons to Hísshe while Chris, along with Henry, were moved to a new tribe, Bimmaáhchiia. Separated from Chris, Blaine decided to work with Alfons to gain control of the new Hísshe tribe, which consisted of himself, Alfons, and Hickman. On Day 10, Shúa was dissolved and Ometepe became a member of Hísshe. They later lost the following immunity challenge and Blaine was forced to go to Tribal Council for the first time. Luckily for him, he and Hickman were given immunity after a vote from Bimmaáhchiia. He and Alfons targeted Ometepe for elimination, and after managing to persuade Hickman, Ometepe was voted off.

For the next immunity challenge, the contestants had to create a Hidden Immunity Idol and the contestant who created the best one would not only win immunity for their tribe, but also get to keep the idol. Blaine managed to create the best one and thus was awarded with tribal immunity and the Hidden Immunity Idol. This would not remain a secret for long, as Alfons managed to deduce that Blaine had it. During Bimmaáhchiia's Tribal Council, Alfons approached Blaine with the idea of giving Alex, who was most likely going to be voted out, the idol. Fearing that this would have caused Chris to go home, Blaine decided to ignore Alfons and kept the idol for himself. That night, Alex was voted out.

At the final five, the tribes finally merged and Blaine, Alfons, Chris, Henry, and Hickman became the new Hísshineaxe tribe. At this point of the game, Blaine knew that Alfons was the biggest Jury threat in the game, so he conspired with Henry to vote him out. After Chris narrowly beat Alfons out of immunity, they set their plan in motion and tried to convince Chris to go with their plan. Although Chris wanted Hickman gone, Blaine and Henry got their way and the three of them, plus Hickman, voted Alfons out of the game. Since this was the last time the Hidden Immunity Idol could be played, Blaine also played the idol for himself.

As part of the final four, Blaine hoped that his early alliance with Chris and collaboration with Henry would propel him to the final three. However, this was not the case as Chris managed to win the final immunity challenge and was able to vote out one of the other three contestants. Blaine was shocked to see that Chris had voted for him. As part of the Jury, Blaine voted for Henry to win.

Voting History

Blaine's Voting History
Episode Blaine's
Voted Against
1 Shúa Tribe Immune
2 Shúa Tribe Immune
3 Hísshe Tribe Immune
4 Ometepe Individual Immunity1
5 Hísshe Tribe Immune
6 Alfons -
7 Ineligible Chris
Voted Off, Day 21
Voted For
Sole Survivor

^1 Hísshé lost the immunity challenge and Bimmaáhchiia voted for someone to receive immunity. It was a tie between Hickman and Blaine, so both of them received immunity.

Survivor: Cuba

Name (Age): Blaine (17)
Tribe: Cardenas
Hometown: California, United States of America
Current Residence: Nevada, United States of America
Personal Claim To Fame: Voting out Alfons!
Inspiration in Life: My dog
Previous Finishes: Survivor: Laos, 4th Place
Favorite Past Moment: Receiving the first ever Hidden Immunity Idol.
Previous Survivor He Respects Most: All of my Hísshineaxe tribe ♥
Previous Survivor He Respects Least: Everyone else ♥
Why Did He Come Back?: Better hosting, no offense Nobo.

Voting History

Blaine's Voting History
Episode Blaine's
Voted Against
1 Zachary Adam
2 Zachary -
3 Cardenas Tribe Immune
4 DB Individual Immunity
5 Havana Tribe Immune
6 Havana Tribe Immune
7 Havana Tribe Immune
8 Havana Tribe Immune
9 Alfons -
10 Zac -
11 Alfons Alfons, Noah,
Zac, Zachary
Voted Off, Day 30
12 Noah2
Voted For
Sole Survivor
  • ^2 Due to Blaine's Cursed Idol, he can cast a vote at the next Tribal Council after his elimination.

Survivor: Generations


Tribe: Bariq
Personal Claim To Fame:
Inspiration in Life:
Pet Peeves:
Previous Finishes:
Favorite Past Moment:
Previous Survivor You Respect Most (Main or ORG):
Previous Survivor You Respect Least (Main or ORG):
Why Did You Come Back?:

Voting History

Blaine's Voting History
Episode Blaine's
Voted Against
1 No Tribal Council
Jeremy -
2 Dallas -
3 Charley;
Charley, Skandi, Lukas;
Skandi, Lukas, Amir
Voted Off, Day 8


After Survivor: Cuba, Blaine went on to moderate Survivor: Revival, Survivor: Anarchy, and Survivor: Turkey.

Once Revival was over, Blaine began dating Survivor: Nepal contestant, Charley. The two eventually married and Blaine became the step-father of her two children. However, after countless fights, Blaine turned towards alcohol which further increased the rift between the two. Blaine and Charley eventually filed for divorce and continued to feud over child custody. Fortunately, the two settled their dispute and got back together and later adopted their third child. However, Charley began cheating on Blaine with several ORG contestants resulting in the two getting another divorce. Charley married Blaine's former Laos castaway, Henry, shortly after. Some time later, the two hooked up the night of Survivor: Papua New Guinea winner, Luke's wedding. Charley ended up getting pregnant and gave birth to their first biological child, despite still being married to Henry at the time.

Since playing, Blaine has taken up a career in Pole Dancing, his most recent show was at Secrets Swiss Cottage Strip Club in London.


  • In Laos, Blaine started off in a blue tribe and was later switched to a red tribe. The opposite happened in Cuba, where he started off in a red tribe and was switched to a blue tribe.
    • Coincidentally, Blaine received individual immunity both times he was on a red tribe.
  • Blaine is the first contestant in the history of Survivor Wikia to receive a Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Blaine was the only contestant from Laos to be immune the whole pre-merge phase of the game.
  • Blaine along with Survivor: Hawaii contestant Sole are the highest ranking returning players from their original seasons to compete in Cuba.
    • Both of them ranked fourth in their original season.
  • Blaine could not be voted off at all until the Final Four in Laos. Shúa was immune twice in a row, he was switched to Hísshe which won twice pre-merge. When Blaine visited Tribal Council with Hísshe, he had individual immunity. At the Final Five, the tribes merged and Blaine played the hidden immunity idol making him immune. So until the Final Four, Blaine could not have been voted off.
  • In his first two seasons, Blaine outlasted 60% of the cast.
  • Blaine was on a red tribe on all three of his seasons.
  • Blaine, Jeremy and Lukas are tied for the record of the longest gap between participating in two seasons, with 25 seasons.
  • Blaine is one of 10 castaways to compete on an all new players season, a season with both new and returning players and a full returning players seasons. The other castaways are Adam, Eddie, Emma, Lukas, Jamie, Charley, Brittany, Alex, and Sora.