Contestant Profile

Survivor: Sichuan

Tribe(s) Ziyang
► Chengdu
Placement 4/18
Challenge(s) Won 9
Vote(s) Against 12
Day(s) Lasted 37

Bebhunghia97, also known as "TSN", is a contestant from Survivor: Sichuan.


Name: Tran Nghia ( TSN)
Current Residence: Ha Noi , Viet Nam
Personal Claim to fame: made host to feel fuck
Inspiration in Life: everything happen around me
3 words to describe yourself: bitch , super bitch , powerful bitch
Hobbies:  watching tv show , music , fashion , modeling, dancing ....
If you could have three things on an island what they be and why? wifi , phone, electric source( charge my phone ^^ )
Survivor contestant you are most like:  Abi , Ciera , CHAOS Kass , Brenda
Reason for being on Survivor: I am bitch and I look good
Why do you think you will be the Sole Survivor: I am a strong personality . people are fear and hate me . but I do not care what they think . I want to play , I play with 100 % of my energy , I want to win this game by every way

Survivor: Sichuan

Voting History

TSN's Voting History
Episode TSN's
Voted Against
1 Ziyang Tribe Immune
2 Ziyang Tribe Immune
3 Ziyang Tribe Immune
4 Erin G. -
5 Erin G. Erin G.
6 Jon;
Erin L., Jon, Mai;
7 Vanne;
Individual Immunity
8 Alexa Emile, Erin L., Yasmin
9 Yasmin -
10 Aromal -
11 Aromal Emile, Erin L.
12 Vanne Individual Immunity
13 Erin L. Erin L.1
14 Alexa Alexa, Jessy
Disqualified, Day 372
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In episode 13, Emile used the Chengdu hidden immunity idol on TSN, negating a single vote against him.
^2 In episode 14, TSN was found cheating in the tiebreaker challenge, and was disqualified from the challenge which caused him to be eliminated from the game.