Tribe Profile
Season Salvation
Namesake An Icelandic Mountain
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 2
Rival Tribe(s) Baula
Tribe Status Merged with Súlur Day 26
Challenge Wins 5
Lowest Placing Member JamesBCrazy (22/25)
Highest Placing Member Edzz (7/25)


Askja Insignia

Askja Buff

Askja is one of the starting tribes of Survivor: Salvation. Their tribe color is blue.


Eden s21Jake s21
James s21Trace s21
  • » Edzz - Also known as "Eden", from Survivor: Polynesia, and finished in 9th place. Remembered for his rivalry with fellow contestant Tlc479, and for playing an idol on the wrong person during his season.
  • » Jake R - Also known as "Jake", from Survivor: Korea, and finished in 14th place. Remembered for creating the Kings of Korea alliance and leading it. However, after throwing a challenge to dissolve his tribe, he ended up being blindsided.
  • » JamesBCrazy - Also known as "James" or "Jimmy", from Survivor: Côte d'Ivoire, and finished in 15th place. Remembered for being the older brother to Bwburke94, and asking to be voted out in his original season after constantly losing on Savanes.
  • »» Tdemarest23 - Also known as "Trace", from Survivor: Nepal and Survivor: Madagascar, and finished in 7th place, both times. Remembered in Nepal for being on the losing side of the numbers in Chitwan and ending up voted out in a Pagonging. He is also remembered in Madagascar for playing an idol despite not idoling anyone out, and for being voted off by two of his allies after ending up in a tie.

Post-Dissolve Tribe

Ian s21Jake s21Julia s21Matthew s21Szymon s21
Liam s21Mikey s21Trace s21TJ s21Isaac s21

Post-Switch Tribe

Tyler s21Jino s21Mitchell s21Matthew s21
George s21TJ s21Isaac s21

Tribe History

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